Rules For Offer


These rules apply unless the Fine Print states or law requires otherwise.

Vouchers have two separate values: (a) the amount paid and (b) the promotional value. The promotional value is the additional value beyond the amount paid.

For traditional vouchers, the promotional value will EXPIRE on the date specified in the offer, unless prohibited by law. The amount paid WILL NEVER EXPIRE and must continue to be honored by the merchant after the promotional value expires. The amount paid may be applied toward any goods or services offered by the merchant if the promotion is no longer available. Promotional value cant be combined with other offers. Doesnt cover tax or gratuity. Not reloadable. Fully transferable.

b. Vouchers are only redeemable with Aevum Images for the value identified on the voucher.

c. Not redeemable for cash.

d. Unauthorized reproduction, resale, modification or trade prohibited.